Thoughts on a new printer?

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Re: Thoughts on a new printer?


I have been reading posts in the the Printers and Printing forum(highly recommended!) for several weeks and yesterday bought a refurbished Artisan 50 from Epson.

It is supposed to be very similar to the R280, 1400 and 1430 that some folks are using with very good results.

The XP-450 is an all-in-one that uses the same six inks as the above noted printers.  The Artisan 835 appears to be last year's version.

For higher volume printing, there are several companies with very good inks at reasonable prices.

I talked with one of the aftermarket ink companies and they said if you print frequently, clogged heads aren't much of an issue, and that any printer that sits un-used for a long time can clog.

There are printhead soaking trays/cleaners available if this is an issue.

Several happy Canon users on that forum as well.

Hope that helps!

Good health,  Weogo

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