got my RX1 - First shoot of the box... WOW.

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Re: got my RX1 - First shoot of the box... WOW.

Redteg94 wrote:

Kudos on the W211 E55, those are really nice! What are your impressions on the RX1 out of the box so far?

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Firstly, my current gears at home.

5dmk2,5dmk3  - crap load of L lens.    (Love it but too heavy,  Once used it twice this year)

OM-D , E-P3 - Prime Lens  (Love it, it travel with me almost daily.)

I wanted to try rangefinder, and always wanted a Leica M series.   Almost pre-order the new "M" last month.  until I was reading about this RX1.   It would cost only 1/4 of the M+35/2.0.  and said why not.

I am not a pro,  nor the best shooter.  I just love cameras.  the color and IQ just blow me away.  Yes the AF is slow.  But, so what, as I was going to get into Leica.  If I want fast I got the other camera to use.

for the last 3 day of using and carrying it.  I love the fact it fits in my pocket.  to others on street it is just a P&S camera, none of the "ohhh" it a "Lecia" feeling or getting the big DSLR look.   I dont like the shutter control.  too lite of a feeling.  The manual focus ring is nice and tight, but I wish it is not a floating ring (infinite turns, not stops.).  should have dist listing on it.   I do like in fact , when using manual focus it auto zooms up.

The Dig zoom at 50mm and 70mm. is not bad.  very detail.  have not notice any lost of detail/sharpness.

Can not believe, beside the $2800 of the camera, I have also purchase another $800 worth of accessories for it.    may have to return the stupid over price hood.  and just get the a generic hood for $25.00.   I was told that the EVF don't not have a lock.  may return , I already lost my EVF for my  PEN twice.

that is my 2cent so far.

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