Price Drop In Rebel Clearly Tells 2013

Started Dec 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Price Drop In Rebel Clearly Tells 2013

I think Ti4 was selling way bellow their expectations due to:

1. higher price (Rebels used to cost $700-$800, not $900-$1200)

2. competition from Nikon, Sony etc

3. competition from cell phones and P&S which are much better now and good enough for most people (I almost bought P&S instead of DSLR, albeit the $799 price swing me around back to Ti4, but I may still buy SX50  with 1200mm zoom for $400, instead of 400mm EOS tele for thousands)

4. the recall for rubber grip didn't help either.

In the future they could  lower the production to keep the price higher (depending on the competition of course), or maybe the lower price will stay to keep the market share, if they can afford it. It could also mean longer term market shift towards smaller cams mostly build inside phones, but there is a limit how far than can go. The next Rebel will come out next year for sure, I just don't think it's the main reason for the current discounts.

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