Who here has dust OCD?

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Re: Here's my sensor cleaning regime

monkey10120 wrote:

aardvark7 wrote:

The advice about the Arctic Butterfly is correct. Indeed, I would steer clear of blowers too, as they can, if not used wisely, make matters worse!

All I've used for the last four years is the Butterfly and I've barely suffered with any dust.

Of course, if any is stuck fast you will have to do a wet clean, but if you take your time and follow the advice, it isn't hard. The main tricks are not to overdo it with the solvent and press harder than you think you should, so the spatula is bending.

In case you think there is a contradiction above, I have cleaned a number of friends' cameras using wet cleaning and I think they used blowers too often and vigorously!

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I might just go for the AB instead of the blower then. After doing some research i have not found 1 bad review of it yet. But I know what you mean about blowers, a lot of people say that you could introduced more dust (thats why blowers should have filters built-in).

I just cleaned my A77 using Visible Dust Sensor Brush on this kit.


It cheaper that their AB. The brush worked like a charm and no need for wet cleaning, just the brush.

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