Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

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Re: Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

turnstyle wrote:

makeitso wrote:

If you have a program which has remapped keys or given special macros, I'd bet that program would be reset.

Of course such software would NOT be reset, assuming they simply swap in a replacement keyboard and leave the OS unaltered.

You forget they need to test it. If you remap your keyboard (not available through OS) where say your number pad is now the function keys and they see this during testing they'd think the keyboard is faulty til they find that you remapped them. Thus the need for default settings to restore standard function and determine everything is working as it should.

Your OS has nothing to do with testing a keyboard as there's no way to damage the OS while replacing a keyboard.

Unless they mess with the OS when replacing the keyboard.

What would they EVER need to do in modifying the OS to check keyboard function? You're really hung up on this absolutely terrible analogy which isn't even relevant.

Your camera however isn't a digital on/off device is it?

er, yes it is?

It's not... if it was you'd either have an on or off pixel sites. No gradients or intensities just the bayer pattern with pixels either on or off. It's part of the complexity of your device and the reason it's not easy to test with custom settings. It's NOT a digital on/off device.

Or they neglect to reconnect the optical stabilization wire when putting your camera back together do all the buttons still work? yup. Does it still take pictures? yup. Are you mad as hell when you get it back? yup. Do you tell anyone who will listen that _____ just messed up your device? yup.

Goodness, what sort of repair service do you expect?

You send your camera in to have the grip replaced, it comes back with glue on the sensor and optical stabilization broken -- but no big deal, at least the button still works. You're not joking?

The issue is NOT the repair, no technician never botches a job. It's the fact you're not allowing them to check the repair. You may think these replacement jobs are simple but they're not. It's a long list of procedures and checks they need to follow and in general by what's came back from Loredo, they have a well trained staff that consistently gets the job done.  Their protocols in general appear to work quite well.

The thing is, there's so many functions involved with a small device camera the idea of them not checking their repair integrity by testing out every function at default to ensure it falls within a given parameter is somewhat silly coming from a corporate standpoint. Thus its just part of their protocol.

It's bad protocol to wipe software for a job like this. The grip was peeling off. They simply had to pull the rest of it off, and stick a new one on. It's like a sticker on the outside of the camera. There was no reason to wipe the software.

Unfortunately it's not...But it's now abundantly clear it's more about your preference than anything else. You'd rather them be sloppy (slap the sucker on and send it back) than thorough. Which is fine, but it's more of a lesson to you that that will never happen with any corporation unless they ​want​ to fail. In any regard enjoy the camera, be glad it was repaired with such meticulous attention to ensure your camera was working properly. In the future write down your settings or don't send it in as your note card isn't going to prevent them from continuing with their established protocols.

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