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Re: Sony's Jpeg Engine

cgarrard wrote:

What could be improved with the Jpeg engine for you? (This includes options of your choice that aren't currently available). If you are happy with the current iteration (stating which camera helps) then please also post this.

I do not have any particular quarrel with the current JPEG engine, although occasionally I wish things were a little sharper. However, there are a couple of things related to JPEG that I wish Sony would implement on its current cameras (and via firmware update if possible):

  1. Make Superfine available on the A57 rather than just Fine.
  2. When shooting RAW+JPEG and then choosing a setting that is not implemented in RAW, the whole thing comes to a halt. If I wish to continue I have to go to the Menu and change settings. I would prefer the possibility of a behavior switch whereby I could tell the camera: "When I'm shooting RAW+JPEG and chose a non-RAW-compatible setting, just handle the JPEG and don't write the RAW until I move to a RAW+JPEG compatible setting." Alternatively, it could simply ask me if that's what I want to do in such a situation. I wouldn't object to just responding OK or Cancel.
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