4/3 lens on OM-D5

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Re: 4/3 lens on OM-D5

alolywu wrote:

I updated the firmware on the camera from 1.1! to 1.5 and what a difference software makes

It's not lightning fast but as you guys have mentioned, the 50mm is useable and it does focus and locks. Hunts a bit but that lens always hunted a bit even on my E1. For Macro work, I imagine I'd use manual anyway but everything is functional!

Just a comment on the HLD-6. The 2 piece design is really nice and I have to give Olympus a big thumbs up on the design. Either piece works well on its own or combined. Ergonomics feels right. Without the grip(s), the camera suddenly feels so tiny but after awhile, it feels all right again.

So I would recommend the grip to anyone. Having the 2nd battery as a backup in the vertical grip is really nice. It would have been nice Olympus could have used the extra power to speed up focus or something but as it is it's still pretty good. If I don't use the 2nd battery, it's a little bit lighter.

The OM-D5 has SO many options in the menu it's going to take me a long time to figure everything out. I'm looking forward to it. It's been so many years I've been waiting for Olympus to put out a body that I wanted and this is it. With Sony's "investment", I think Olympus will have access to some very nice Sony BICMOS sensors for future bodies. Looking forward to it.

You can already speed up focus response. Under the EVF menu change the FPS speed from normal to High. Because the display output and sensor output of 120fps is split in half, 60hz display and 60hz focus sample rate, increasing the FPS doubles the rate to 240fps for a display of 120hz and focus sample rate of 120hz. The downside is everything else aside from final output is affected. The power requirement is doubled per focus instance, the live view display resolution is cut in half, the focus accuracy reduces faster as light levels reduce, you can only see +/- 1EV of brightness correction in live view provided there is enough light for the now 120hz display speed (1/240). But in acceptable lighting you will in fact enjoy faster focus speeds.

For example the the 4/3 25mm f2.8 focuses at about 1 second on normal using the OMD ... here is a video I made showing infinity to closest focus distance with high fps turned on ... you will note it focuses at half a second, 1/15 of 30fps.


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