Thoughts on a new printer?

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Re: Thoughts on a new printer?

I use to work for a company that sold printers, among other things, so I took a couple of my pictures and did some samples.

First off *everyone* wants a fast printer, but they aren't necessarily the best quality.

Second.... you only get what you pay for sometimes is true.  I will say that manufactures like to run sales so look for a good deal.

And most important quality....  I got into an argument with a Lexmark rep when he said you don't need more then three ink colors.  That is a crock of bullwhoopie!  I showed him the results and he just walked away insisting there was no difference in the pictures.  I told him he needed to be in a different business.  More colors makes a big difference especially in the shadows.

My tests were done on photo printers not business printers.  Yes, there is a difference....  So, in my tests, and at the time we didn't sell canon printers, Epson came out the best with HP next.  Though HP only had 3 colors, the printer I tested had two blacks which helped with the shadows.  I used to have a Canon Photo printer, and it was the best I have ever used.  Unfortunately it went down.

Now, those were consumer photo printers not professional ones where you can get up to 8 colors.

One final note here....  I have had three HP printers and 1 Canon.  On all three of the HP printers if you don't use HP photo paper it won't pick up the paper.  I have to feed mine one at a time.  Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I'm just stating what has happened to me.  I can't speak for Epson since I've not had one, but my Canon had no problem with different papers.  Because of that I'll not buy another HP.

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