Fuji EF-42 Flash Thoughts?

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
guentherottohans Regular Member • Posts: 165
Re: Fuji EF-42 Flash Thoughts?

I find the flash quite o. k. (like Canon 430EX) but I miss High Sync Speed (HSS/ FP) very much.
A month ago I mailed to Fuji Japan (adressed to Project Manager Fuji X-E1) in English concerning wish for HSS. A few days later I got answer from Fuji Germany in German telling me they will forward the mail to Japan!? So far nothing else (as expected)!

For acting as off-camera flash with TTL you can use a canon cord (I use a generic JCC FC-E3). But be aware you can't use the cord that way with a Canon flash ( ... connected to Fuji camera).

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