Nikon V1 which kit 10mm+ 10-30mm or ?

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Re: Nikon V1 which kit 10mm+ 10-30mm or ?

I don't think you can really go wrong with ether. The kit lens (10-30mm) is a great lens in itself, if your primary concern is low light you might consider the 18.5mm, which does excellent for that. It might be a little closer than you are wanting but does seem to do really well for very close (macro) and family "candid" shots. It’s a “comfortable” focal length.

As for the ultra-high speed, it is very cool, but also a bit of a gimmick. I would say only the 400fps is even usable, but still resolution is very limited (640x240), which is an awkward size that is difficult to share anywhere as most online services won't know what to do with it.

I don't have the 10, so I can't really say with conviction, but my thoughts have been I have the 10-30 for most "good light" situations where I need a wide angle, and the 18.5 for whenever I need indoor/low light/macro/everyday shots. With these two lenses, I'm having a hard time finding any justification to wanting the 10 at all, even at online/ebay prices which are under the $150 mark.

I know you have not mentioned it, but with the prices of the kits including the 30-110, I would seriously consider that ($399 at BH, which is absolutely ridiculous!). I've found that lens to be very useful in many situations and at these prices it’s a no brainer.

So I guess your real question should be 10mm or 18.5mm with the 10-30mm and 30-110mm. 18.5 is going to give you a wider aperture, better low light performance, better bokeh, but the 10 will give you a wider angle and smaller device footprint. At current prices you could just buy both and have no problem at all.

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