How hard is it to clean the sensor? Especially D600 users?

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How hard is it to clean the sensor? Especially D600 users?

Hi there,

I just want to ask those folks who are returning their D600 for oils spots - do you think its hard to clean the sensor? Do you send your cameras to Nikon to clean the sensor? Please think twice and save your money... Do not pay for what you can do yourself...

I am shooting weddings and nature for living - means a lot of shooting with lens swapping in different areas (imagine Antelope Canyon in AZ with blowing dust...) My cameras have a pretty good mileage (some of them over 100k). Cleaning sensors pretty often and it is not a problem. Everyone cleans their windshields when it gets dirty, right? You are not returning your car over this? Comparing oil spots to oil leaks in the new car is inappropriate (IMHO), because with time those spots are going to go away after a cleaning or two, not the leak... 

If anyone can remember - it was exactly the same hype over dirty sensor syndrome when first Full Frame Nikon D3 came out in 2007. I had mine in November 2007 and learned how to cleaned it very quickly.

For paranoid folks (like I was in 2007) who are afraid to touch the sensor - you are NOT touching the sensor! You are touching a low pass glass filter... Just make sure you blow some air first to get rid of the hard particles and then carefully swipe the swab with Eclipse...

At the screaming deal for D600 kit - I couldn't resist and grabbed one from B&H... Got it with 24-70 since I recently sold my 5 years old 24-70 for 24-120VR and was missing crazy AF speed and 1 F-stop of 24-70 after shooting one wedding last week just with 24-120... After subtracting a full price of 24-85 and 24-70 - D600 endup at $1,200!

All sensors, no matter what "super technology" they use - are going to get dirty and will need some cleaning, so learn how to clean it properly, turn off your computer and go out shooting... Oh, and don't forget to have fun... 

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone at DPReview!

God bless,


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