Fuji EF-42 Flash Thoughts?

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Re: Fuji EF-42 Flash Thoughts?

Hi GMussio,

I don't know if this is still of any importance to you, as your post isn't brandnew. But as I'm using the flash you're interested in I thought my experience could be of interest for you.

I use the EF-42 with the Fuji XS-1, and as it also belongs to the Fuji X-Series the results should be transferable.

I tested the device directly (with and without diffusor) and indirectly (bounce via ceiling and walls) and I'm quite convinced of the results. The flash performed well in those disciplines. What I haven't done yet is to use it off-camera, because I use my older flashes of my old system for that, as I cannot meter TTL when I'm using radio remote triggers anyway. I don't have a TTL cable for Fuji and I don't know how if there is one at all. But you could use it manually off-camera as one can control the flash output of this device manually and in addition GN 42 is a good value for a flash.

I hope this helps.

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