Wifi remote shooting questions for 6D owners

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Re: Wifi remote shooting questions for 6D owners

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Sorry if I'm appearing stupid but can't really remember too much about Canon's live view implementation .... So, are you saying that you have to preset the focus point in the camera first and then you can get the app to focus by touching the screen as though you were pressing the equiv. button on the camera to focus?

The point that you may be missing is that in live view and contrast-detection (not "quick") AF mode, you are not limited to the set of focus points available in regular, phase-detection AF mode-- instead, you can move the focus region anywhere. On the camera, assuming that it's like the 60D, you do this by moving a box around with the 8-way joypad. I don't have a 6D, but as others have said, I gather that you can select the contrast-detection AF point by touching the screen on the remote app.

That is correct. 
The app has two buttons, one for autofocus and one for the shutter. So you first tap to select where you want to focus, then you tap and hold the autofocus button until it gets the focus (this is much slower than with native focus points, just like in live-view mode) and finally you tap the shutter button to take the picture.

Connection is very simple, the only thing is that in order to keep the connection "alive" both devices (the camera and the iphone/ipad) cannot go into sleep mode. In other words, as soon as either one of the devices goes to sleep, the connection is lost.

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