Nudes with a friend

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Re: Nudes with a friend

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Alandprev wrote:

Super mode, lovely lighting. How much pp have you done and how?

They look oversharpened. There is a lot of "ringing" and the pictures look noisy despite ISO 100 which should be pretty clean unless you really had to push it in post processing. Were they underexposed at all? On a positive note, the lighting works.

I can't see any excessive amount of ringing.  In an image presented at 373x560 ringing will virtually always be present as a result of the re-sampling process to reduce the size; or worse, caused when you re-sample it again for viewing on a high resolution screen in a window that results in a 300 to 400% view.  What I can see appears to be either from that cause or due to low quality JPEG compression, not from sharpening.

I didn't see any significant amount of noise either in the two different examples that I downloaded to analyze for ringing.

The exposure, according to the Exif data is at f/6.3 aperture, 1/250 shutter speed, ISO 100 for a Light Value of 13.3.  I'm not familiar with the Canon 7D camera, but that appears to be a very correct exposure.

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