Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

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Re: Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

turnstyle wrote:

makeitso wrote:

Bottom line is if you send in anything to a repair facility expect it to be returned in default settings.

That's good practical advice, but I don't think it's the right service procedure -- per the laptop example: if a key popped off, I don't see why the OS should be re-imaged.

Your laptop example isn't applicable as your keyboard is probably is set to default. If you have a program which has remapped keys or given special macros, I'd bet that program would be reset. Your OS has nothing to do with testing a keyboard as there's no way to damage the OS while replacing a keyboard. The keyboard either functions (all keys register correctly and return to resting position) or it doesn't. Your camera however isn't a digital on/off device is it? Would a speck of adhesive on the sensor from the new grip install will send you into a rage? probably. Or they neglect to reconnect the optical stabilization wire when putting your camera back together do all the buttons still work? yup. Does it still take pictures? yup. Are you mad as hell when you get it back? yup. Do you tell anyone who will listen that _____ just messed up your device? yup.

I totally understand if the device is presenting software-related problems -- but in this case the problem was that the rubber grip was peeling off the camera -- I also indicated that there were no other problems.

I'm happy with the physical repair, but I wish I had added a note saying "please don't change my settings, only repair the grip."

The thing is, there's so many functions involved with a small device camera the idea of them not checking their repair integrity by testing out every function at default to ensure it falls within a given parameter is somewhat silly coming from a corporate standpoint. Say they pinch a mic wire in reassembly, no one will notice until you take the video and check the levels.  Keep in mind they're already paying shipping back to you and charging you nothing for the work, materials and processing to handle your camera. It's not free... Do they want to do this all over again if they do mess up the repair? No, it makes absolutely no sense financially or from a consumer satisfaction standpoint. They'll ensure it works correctly before going back to you or they will send you a refurb camera under warranty with virtually no questions asked. If you want to give that up, then go ahead and sign a waiver releasing the company from any responsibility to your camera the moment they accept your device for repair. As that's probably the only way (if that) you'll get them to do the repair without allowing them to reset your settings to test the camera under default parameters.

But anyway, you got your camera back and you're happy with the repair which is what matters. Just learn that it's not just Sony that will be testing their repairs and it's your responsibility as someone utilizing their repair service to save your own settings. As in truth I've NEVER had any product come back with custom settings still on it when sent in for repairs nor have I ever expected it to. Be happy with the (generally) exceptional job Sony does in repairing their devices and start shooting again to find out what works for you the best now. And that's it for my spiel, enjoy the camera instead of worrying about lost settings!

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