LR4: can I batch change raw capture time?

Started Dec 14, 2012 | Questions thread
PhilM oz Senior Member • Posts: 1,290
Re: LR4: can I batch change raw capture time?

joey_B wrote:

PhilM oz wrote:

Select all of the affected images in the Library, then use the Metadata / Edit Capture Time menu option to adjust all of the images in one go.


Would be pointless, then all pictures have the same date and time, and showing them side by side would be impossible.

Wat one could do: Make sure you have the same number of files, in the same order, and do a batch renaming. Name the pictures from camera 1 001a, 002a, 003a and so on, and name the pictures from camera 2 001b, 002b, 003b and so on. When you put those togther in a folder and sort by filename, they should line up nicely.

Only pointless if you set all images to the same date/time; but why would you want to do that?

LR allows you to adjust all the images by the same amount, e.g. add 1 hour to the capture time of each image. Which is what the OP was asking to do.


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