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Re: Windows 8 Survival Guide

Nice piece, thank you for that. Altough I wonder if I would want to spend so much time and effort in customizing and learning a system that worked for me earlier without so much hassle. There are many instances where you were asking yourself 'what were they thinking'. I have the same issue, and my consumer-trust in MS is down to freezing point right now. Sure, I am able to tweak Win8 to give me a workable desktop, but I shouldn't have to do that. For me it's more about quality than 'being able to'.

Next to that, your setup probably is a single-boot. The way MS uses the UEFI-boot gives problems when you would like to boot alternative OS's on the same PC. Again an example of MS not giving the user control over his machine. And again lack of quality.

I think you are right when you state that Win8 is just Win7 with some features turned off... For that I will be fine using Win7 right now, and let's see what the future brings... Win8 hasn't got any advantages for me at this moment.

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