RX100 zoom dealbreaker?

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Re: RX100 zoom dealbreaker?

xxfirerican wrote:

very excited about the rx100 as I hear from everyone on these forums what a great camera this is. I am used to a camera with longer zoom though is 3.6 zoom a dealbreaker. Definitely love taking pics at the zoo and on vacation and feel the zoom is not enough, but this is a great camera. torn between this and canon g15. anyone want to chime in on this cameras zoom?

What can we say ?  It seems like you've already answered this yourself: for you, the short zoom isn't sufficient.

I lived for a few years with a mirrorless with a single prime + a Panasonic LX3 (2.4x zoom: from 24-60mm equiv.)  For me, it worked great. But then the only time I really used lenses longer than short portraits is while travelling solo (and even then just for maybe 2% of my shots).


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