Berlin seen through and recorded by Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Berlin seen through and recorded by Micro Four Thirds

rrr_hhh wrote:

With an emphasis on the one with the guys who climbed up in the fountain (a well composed shot of an unusual event) and the black singer with the speaker.

You have mixed the good ones and the soso ones in your selection, some are outstanding like the two I mentioned, others are not worth showing : too busy, no clear subject... you seem to be aware of the lighting in your shots, a good thing for better photographies, but sometimes it is not enoughto make the shot.

Well it's a matter of taste as always. But i agree, i wouldn't use all of those photos as an entry for some competition

The dancing couple could have make a good picture too, but the composition doesn't work IMO.

This one better?

I left the fall picture taken at the edge of a park out, although it is a nice one, because I thought it was not fitting so well into your set of urban scenes pictures.

It's still Berlin!

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