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Alessandro Scuderi wrote:

Good morning at all, i want to buy a flash for my camera: panasonic G2 (my first external flash) and i see it is coming the new FL360L for the GH3.

The FL360L it is compatible for precedings-antecedent camera like mine G2?

I am interest because the led light for video it is a good solution when the light is few (and my camera not is good for low light).

In case of compatibility panasonic will release a firmware soon?


Hi - I have the Olympus version of the Panasonic FL360L - The Olympus FL600R (seems to be EXACTLY the same but with a different logo, and is readily available) and use it on my G5 with no problem, except that, as others have noted, you have to turn on the LED manually.

And, as also noted, the LED on the FL360L/FL600R isn't too bright. It might help with close-up shots, but not much else. If video is a primary concern, a small on-camera LED panel would be better. I have a LitePanels MicroPro which is ok. Manfroto has a new hybrid model, the Maxima 84 hybrid, that works for video but also flashes. That might be cool. Cheaper than the LitePanels, too.

Also note that although the new flashes can do remote flash, it won't work on any Panasonic camera except the GH-3 at this point.

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Larry Becker

Thank you, my thoughts is the panasonic replace the old 360E with the new because i see on one website in one day the 360E it is retired because is out of commerce

and the new fz200 (the bridge) mount the new 360L:

Also on the italian website of panasonic there are no mention of the 360L but only the old 360E for the fz200 (in italy they not sell at this moment the new flash).

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