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Re: Windows 8 Survival Guide

Just remembered another thing.

Networking my Win8 laptop to my Win7 desktop was very easy.  Used the HomeGroup method on both computers.  There are shared folders for Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos.

At first I didn't think about it but then I realized that my Win8 desktop has shortcuts to all of my installed applications.  I don't want that compromised if someone is able to hack into my network.  So I disabled sharing of the Desktop.  Problem is that the Desktop icon still displays in the laptop's Homegroup, though it does not display in Control Panel's Homegroup.  A Win8 bug?

Sharing of my HP inkjet printer and HP laserjet all-in-one unit that are both cabled to my Win7 tower PC was very easy.  I can print to either printer from my laptop.

Very nice networking using Homegroup if you have Win7 or Win8 PCs.  I don't think Homegroup is available in Windows versions prior to Win7.


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