Should I get all Pocketwizard TT5s or one TT1 for Nikon D3?

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Re: Should I get all Pocketwizard TT5s or one TT1 for Nikon D3?

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

Yup. Been there, done that. After dozens of tests using monolights with the longest T-values I could find, I witnessed the many limitations of "HyperSync." Note that the use of HyperSync is highly dependent on the particular body used (even within the same brand/series), and particular strobe. For maximum benefit, you want strobes with the longest t=0.5 values. Here's a short list of some of the longest-duration strobes currently on the market:

1. Quantum Qflash:
Full power = 1/300th

2. Dynalite Uni400JR:
Full power = 1/675th
1/2 power = 1/1,100th
1/4 power =1/1,800th
1/8 power = 1/2,200th

3. Speedotron Force 10:
Full power = CONSTANT 1/850th

I performed both HSS/FP-enabled/disabled HyperSync tests using a Nikon D3s and PocketWizard TT1/TT5s, with each of the above strobes (which I now own). The short version is that Hypersync, when used with these particular units, fired by a Nikon D3s, yields acceptable exposures up to about 1/2,000th (i.e., above x-sync). After that, shutter curtain shadow and uneven exposure results (depending whether or not HSS/FP is enabled in the PocketWizard menu).

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