X-E1 Preview samples ... bleeding red

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Abelits is a force for the good, don't you see that?

Chris Dodkin wrote:

I'm with you Daniel - it's just pointless fault finding for the sake of having something to point at.

Keeps some people amused, but it's basically a complete waste of time.

I am truly amazed - abelits is working hard at making available better demosaicking programmes - either by writing them himself or by pointing out the issues (acknowledged by Fuji themselves!) as precisely as possible to the parties involved, and he is attacked as if he were swearing in the presence of  fundamentalists! And he never once gets emotional, quite like his opponents. What is going on here? What psychological function does the liking or loving of this camera have in the minds of some people? How can a grown-up person ever feel attacked or insulted by camera talk?

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