Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

Now that the slt 99 is out here is the time for the Minolta lenses built for full frame to shine.

Here is my top 10 all AF which work very well with the SLT99

Group one:  still fairly expensive but worth it

1. 85mm 1.4 or 1.4 G  This a beautiful portrait lens, easily equal to canon or Nikon versions. If you go for an older optically equal made of metal "non G" version, you can get one in excellent shape for about $500-600.  Photos so far on the 99 are amazing

2. 28-70G 2.8  This is my daily walk around lens- ever so slightly less sharp than CZ 24-70 but better colors and wonderful bokeh  about $600-700 instead of $2k for the CZ

3. 80-200 2.8G  Heavy, but every bit the equal or superior to the Canon, Nikon or Sony 70-210 2.8 lenses.  The black version is a little less expensive and IMHO looks better than the white  version. Bokeh on this one might be the best of all.

4. 17-35 3.5G This is a tougher choice- wide angle for FF camera with Minolta is a bit weak this a great lens but because it is relatively rare costs about $1100 which is still much less than CZ but not as dramatic. Still the pictures on 99 are great so far

Group 2. reasonable price, great performance

5.  28-135 4-4.5  I love the results I have been getting with this lens. With FF it is a great carry around lens and just has that magic quality to the results. Easily equals the canon 24-105lf4.  You could just have this lens and take award winning quality photos.  poor MFD is the one problem as well as needing to get 3rd party hood

6. 70-210 beercan- sometimes the fast zoom is too heavy. This has the same pop and great bokeh as well as good control over DOF  with the ff camera. A great copy can be found for less than $200

7. Minolta 100-300 apo, small very sharp very quick autofocus great if you want a light telephoto and don't need quite as much speed

Group 3. Inexpensive lens, great quality

8.  50mm 1.7  sharp as a tack, made of metal very small and light.

9. Minolta 35-105. Very inexpensive , great colors, not that fast but with the FF you get reasonable control of DOF and the 35-105 is a nice range on the FF

10. a sleeper,  the Minolta 24-105 3.5-4.5 D fairly sharp, very useful range, fast enough for some DOF control, great colors, less than $200 great enthusiast lens. quite underrated IMHO.

Have fun

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