Strange - many new members are Sony bashers

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Re: Strange - many new members are Sony bashers

BMWX5 wrote:

I think Sony must be doing something right and the competitors or fanboys are so worried that they had to create new account to join this forum just to bash Sony especially Sony A99. I mean it is obvious, if you don't like a camera, no need to create an account and whine about it. Someone here is so bitter because he lose $400 when he sold his camera that he had to invent issues about the camera.

Well, other camera manufacturers are not sleeping you know And, I am sure, they are paying to some forum trolls. You don't still believe in honest business, do you? Business is a war. If one cannot win with his products, he relies on so-called "black PR", which we see here.

Still A99 is a great camera, lots of possibilities for photographer. And as FF segment consists mostly of people who know what they are doing, A99 will be sold as hot pies.

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