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Re: Sigma - detail..

A really nice conversation, you two -- and it did have me go back and look at the full-size of that picture. Then I could see that you achieved wonderful, subtle gradation, Frits. Even up in the sky where the pink floats into the delicate blue. And on the snowfield, as its own blues are present from the colder portions of sky reflected.

It really needs nothing, I think, as the eye will compensate from the screen or print, much as it does out in the life and landscape when you are there.

If you really wanted to try more, I was thinking about something like using masking to approximate a graded neutral density filter. Except you couldn't do this with any tools I know on the raw, which is where you would want to do it. Hint to developers somewhere, no doubt.

Remembering some of the fooling around I did on Rick's original SD-1 pictures in Norwegian fjords, it's possible you could get something out of slight use of X3 Fill Light compensated by Exposure, Shadow, etc..

Far too complicated, unless it would be about saving an image. And what you have here isn't any of that; rather it's one of those you can go for a real Sigma(tm) walk around in. Where again the eye finds what it knows it wants to see....

Best again, to each.


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