16-50PZ on NEX-7: 7 seconds to retract when I power down??? Huh?

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Re: 16-50PZ on NEX-7: 7 seconds to retract when I power down??? Huh?

I have the same experience.  It collapses sufficiently quickly at power off on the NEX 6, but takes several seconds on the NEX 7.  I got the 6 as a 2nd camera so I would have the option of carrying two cameras (to minimize lens changes) when traveling.  I had planned to use the 10-18 on the 6 (to avoid the magenta cast problem it has on the 7) and use the 16-50 on the 7.  Now I think I'll accept the possible magenta cast problem to avoid the slow retract problem.  (As I've posted before, the magenta cast doesn't seem to be that big a problem in practical use for me).

I suppose we can hope that a firmware update for the 7 will fix the problem.  However, the 1.01 firmware update came out after the 16-50 was in existence, so you would think that Sony would have included the fix in that update.  OTOH, having been a software developer, I know that the feature list for a given release is usually frozen long before it ships.  IIRC, the 16-50 isn't officially offered as a stand-alone product until January, so perhaps Sony thinks the fix for the N7 isn't needed until then.

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