OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: I'd like to question

Anders W wrote:

In other words, the sensor is better in terms of objective measurement, just not in your biased personal opinion.

Where exactly did I say it was not better?

Oh yeah ... where I processed images at high ISO from several sensors and found little practical difference between them.

the IBIS system

Which is the same thing that Pentax dSLRs have over Canon and Nikon and the argument means as little there as it does here.

Means little to whom? Pentax buyers?

No silly ... Nikon and Canon buyers ... you do seem to approach things backwards

or the significantly better prospects of quickly getting exposure just right

You really like that one. Getting a good exposure is the fundamental skill to learn for any photographer.

That you love to bandy about the term "significantly" does not in fact make it so. You have an extra tool that is not particularly improved over the tool that I use, which is blinkies in playback mode.

Seriously, they are about as effective as one another. You just like yours better

Not at all. You have "blinkies" that you can inspect after the shot. I can do that as well but I can also see them before the shot. That saves time. You have to "chimp" for exposure and risk losing the right moment or expose it wrongly. I don't.

I suppose that I don't need to remind you that, once you learn how to meter, you generally don't need the blinkies anyway. But since you clearly do need them, you are one very lucky man to have found that camera ...

My list of relative pros was intended to help with that. The list gives you an idea of what the differences are and you can then judge for yourself how important each of those differences are to you personally.

Except that your classification and expression of the list is entirely personal ... and comes of as highly biased.

Of course, your inherent perfection belies such a charge, so I am of course entirely wrong here (saving you the trouble of launching another passive aggressive interrogation lol)

I already asked you if there was any factual information on my list that you objected to. So far, the count is zero.

I object to most of what you write ... I thought that was quite clear.

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