LensTip reviews the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4

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Re: LensTip reviews the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4

joejack951 wrote:

vaxn8r wrote:

When it comes to the older 1.4/35 construction, the Sony is the weakest but the elderly Canon 35L fares surprisingly well, especially if you compare it to the Nikkor 1.4/35G. The Nikkor is a new device, the most expensive one to boot, but it had several spectacular slip-ups (chromatic aberration, a not very useful maximum relative aperture, vignetting, a relatively slow AF, high astigmatism). In fact the Nikkor compares so unfavourably with its rivals that I have an impression its optical construction has been designed by a student undergoing a summer training in the Nikon headquarters…

Wow, harsh on the Nikon lens so many here find desireable and also because it's on my wish list. I'll wait for more reviews to come in but I may give this Sigma a serious look.

Lenstip's review of the Nikkor seems to be an outlier. While I wouldn't discount everything they say, I would also look elsewhere for a performance comparison of the lens. Photozone shows it's center resolution as better than the Canon for example. Certainly, as an owner of the lens, I take huge exception to the statement that it's not usable at f/1.4. That's just ridiculous per my experience with the lens (shooting people and places, not test charts). On DX (D300s), it looked far better at f/2 than wide open but on FX (D3s) I shoot it wide open without concern for sharpness.

It will be interesting to read more reviews of the Sigma as the lens becomes more widely available. I won't be selling my Nikon any time soon but I would be happy to see Sigma churning out some highly competitive lenses.

Bare in mind this is a lens testing site were talking about who will always be resolution focused, he does most of his tests on a 1Ds3 or a D3x which are obviously more demanding than the D3s.

Its also only I believe an amamture site which is going to limate its sample size, a top performing Canon and a poorly performing Nikon could give that variation. Personally I tend to look across multiple reviews sites when possible in order to weed out sample variation.

We are getting multiple reviews suggesting that the Sigma seems to out perform everything at f1.4 to f2 though.

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