Sony E 35mm f/1.8 first photos

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Re: Sony E 35mm f/1.8 first photos

Karl H. Timmerman M.A.J.D. wrote:

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I will order one, once the "feeding frenzy" ends. You can "fix" just about anything in Photoshop ... EXCEPT sharpness! As for Sony? Without a doubt, they have invested in cutting edge electronic R&D, and it shows. World class. For the most part, their glass R&D, and their glass sucks: their licensed glass, (Zeiss, etc.), is great. Having gone through their marketing fiasco with the NEX 7 ... they alienated me enough, NOT to buy another Sony product, if a viable alternative is available ... because, their marketing division lies and misrepresents just about everything. A complete disconnect between the product, (for the most part, World Class), and the company folks peddling it, right up there with used car salespersons.

Point being this: Sony produces the BEST, most up to date, cutting edge electronics available. Better than Nikon, Canon, et. al. Their glass sucks, (except for the glass they license). The folks running their marketing division, are incompetent, out of touch, ignorant of marketing realities and arrogant. Replace them with folks who can rebuild a loyal customer base. Perhaps doing so, will keep Sony, (the imaging division, or the company), from going the way of Kodak.

Wow.. chip-on-your-shoulder much?

I mean fair point that you had a bad experience, but saying that Sony glass sucks seems like quite a bit of an overstatement (and to be fair your statements don't paint you as being particularly objective).

- k

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