What's wring with the 1.4/35?

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Re: What's wring with the 1.4/35?

I don't have the nikkor 35mm 1.4G but i bought the sigma 35mm 1.4 a few days ago and did a comparison with my nikkor 35 f/2D and 35 DX 1.8G at F/2 (the maximum the F/2D can do) and found all three lenses very comparable in real world examples.  However, during the test I cam across a really odd problem where I would stick the lens cap under the sigma lens as it was heavy and tipped forward but the camera refused to take a sharp picture,  I tried 5 times with no luck until I took away the lens cap and voilà! it worked! Still don't know why but testing error has a large part to play in all these tests you read on the internet as well as user bias.

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