I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

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Re: disgusting

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

rufusm wrote:

Can you provide a link for this contest, would like to see some of the other winning entries.

it was an 8x10 print that won it. This was real photos for a change and not online digital stuff. It was a local gallery here about 10 miles from me.

Very chuffed!

Looks like you tried to get a bit of extra mileage out of this photo. And why not?


I find that type of cheating simply disgusting and shows much about the type of person the OP really is. A real shame

Yes, you got me, I'm a psychopath, moron, cheater and, simply put, a royal PITA!

Couldn't disagree more. You're not that bad really. Great photos in your gallery.



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