Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

kelpdiver wrote:

Thomas Karlmann wrote:One last point, though -- I have been usung Robocopy in a command line to transfer files -- doing so with options there to maintain the original dates of the file directories. I just found out from my MB manual that I can only get 100MB/s from a DOS Window. Is there a way to keep directory dates when doing a Windows file copy (and get to 1GB/s transfers)?

You need to be careful with the Bs and bs.

Gigabit ethernet is 1Gb/s. You should expect transfer speeds of 100MB/s. Theoretical max is closer to 120, but PCs can't achieve 100% efficiency with the NIC speed, nor with the protocol, and hard drives top out in this area as well.

If you're getting 100 megabytes/s as a sustained rate, you're doing fine. You might be able to slightly improve upon it, but unlikely as much as 10% better.

OK, here's a test:  The way I worked this out it should take 5 minutes to transfer 38GBytes of data at a 1Gbps.  Does this check out with your experiences?  My last supposed 1Gbps transfer of 38GBytes took over 15 minutes.  I'm working on some BIOS issues -- in the MB manual it was saying things like Command-Line interface transfers top out at 100Mbps; plus a couple of other settings needed to be adjusted -- something about some ROM-enabled portion of the LAN and also a Green portion of the driver needed to be switched on (probably MB-specific).

Also, I have yet to be able to successfuly PING in ´╗┐both´╗┐ directions.

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