How useful is XP1's OVF?

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Re: How useful is XP1's OVF?

Nastavnik wrote:

Hi nikoj,

sorry, my reply was bit cryptic and to general as noted by Mr Moonlight a few posts above. In respect with his remark I meant it is useless for the way I understood you wanted to use it. I mean from your post I assumed you wanted to look through the OVF and focus until the image is sharp. That is not possible by design : you are not looking through the lens and the OVf and lens are not "coupled". The image in the OVF is always clear just as you see it with your eyes. And since as far as I know (but would like to be corrected if wrong) when you are using the ovf and using manual focus by hand, there is no confirmation of focus other than the distance scale. If you use the afl button, then you get the focus bip.

However as pointed by Mr Moonlight, it is very useful for zone focusing, and even better than with a dslr vf since you see people "coming into the frame" before they are actually in the area that will be photographed (the VF has a wider field of view than the lens.

beware also of the parallax for nearby subjects since your point of view though the ovf is not the same as the sensor through the lens

A thought came to me while reading this. Not having the coupling that I'm used to with rangefinders why not use an attachable OVF to the X-E1 when the need arrises? I'm wondering if there might be a market for one that could exhibit some frame lines. Most of the frame lines on any I have seen are not near accurate so unless this would be improved I guess I would not be a taker. Huh. I just talk myself out of my idea. The price difference would prompt one to just buy the XP1.

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