1.4x TC, 2.0x TC or Bigma?

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Re:E-620 + EC-20: Some Samples Here

makarandsaraf wrote:

Hi Makarand,

Hello Dingober,

I have an E-620 and was in the same position of confusion that you are in around 2 months back.I had purchased a used Non-SWD 50-200 mm lens and wanted to shoot mostly birds and wildlife.Previous to this I was using the Sigma 135-400 mm (Mini Bigma ) lens for my bird and wildlife photography.To compound my problems was the fact that i hail from India and there are very few Olympus users (you can count them on your fingertips) here in India.So very less reliable info is available locally.Fortunately for me I have a friend who used the Olympus system and who had purchased my 1.4x TC when I had sold it to finance for my Sigma lens.

This friend agreed to loan me his EC-20 for a trip to a bird sanctuary in the month of October for a period of around 10 days.This way I got to experience the combo first hand and I found the EC-20 was working very well with the 50-200 mm lens and the E-620.Some of the people who have written replies to your thread here also appreciated these snaps.With the EC-20 your maximal aperture is f7 at full zoom.I experienced some focus problems with the combination, when shooting in high contrast scenes, but they were not so bothersome as to reject the combo.Overall I had a great time with this combo and I will be getting my own 2X tc in February next year when one of my friend is coming to India from the USA.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.  Some really good info there.

You've got some very nice pictures posted.  Thanks for taking the trouble to post them



All the samples posted here are taken hand-held and are JPEGs straight out of the camera.I have never used a tripod in my life but yes I sometimes do feel that I should be using one under certain circumstances (but its too much of a trouble- for me at least ).Hope these samples help you in making a decision.I have no experience with the Bigma at all-though I was able to obtain very good results with the 135-400 mm Sigma lens.

P.S.: I think i have posted too many samples but if you still want some more you can see them on these links:

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50105746 and

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50266810 and

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50307847 and this last thread with only the lens (No TC) used in the early morning along with the E-620


Have a great time.

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Makarand Saraf.

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