1.4x TC, 2.0x TC or Bigma?

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Re: 1.4x TC, 2.0x TC or Bigma?

John King wrote:

Gidday DB

Hi John

Excellent advice and information above, specially from those who own and use all the combos.

As far as my own experience goes, I just added an EC-14 to my 50~200 MkI, and immediately discovered that I needed a very strong monopod (at the very least ... ) and an excellent grip ball head if I wanted to have even a fighting chance of getting any shots without motion blur at the long end ...

Opted for a Benro A49T monopod (new) and a s/h Manfrotto 322RC2 grip ball head. The Manfrotto is so strong in the grip that I reckon I could stand on the monopod and exert all my (feeble) force against the ball head grip and it would not move - break, maybe; move, not a chance ... . When the release grip is squeezed, the head glides on the ball like a dancer (the unlocked movement pressure is adjustable, and stays where you set it).

Cheaper ball heads are as weak as water, and will not hold on the ball securely in the lock position. I also find that using the 322RC2 with the lever set for a left handed grip, I can have my R/H on the camera while adjusting position using my L/H. The 322RC2 is a one handed operation. No fiddling with 3 different knobs all the time!

Manfrotto 322RC2 here:

Benro A49T here:

(ignore the "A39T" at the top, the page is for the A49T ... ).

Thanks for all of the great info on ball heads / monopods.  Really helpful for someone new to this.

These two items are already helping me greatly. I expect to become far more proficient at holding the camera steady at an AoV equivalent to that of a 566 mm lens on a 35 mm camera ...

All the best with your choice/s.

Thank you.  Have fun shooting with your new combo.



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