Update: X10 serial numbers and sensors

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Re: Update: X10 serial numbers and sensors

artofsnow wrote:

artofsnow wrote:

I just bought one with serial number starting with 22G.

I contacted Fujifilm Switzerland to check if I should have the sensor replaced and here's their answer

‚ÄčThe most of the cameras do not have the blooming effect. So we change the sensor only when the blooming effect is visible on the photo. Please make some pictures to find out. I fit is necessary to change the sensor, please send us your camera together with a picture, where the blooming effect is visible, and a copy of the invoice.

I asked if this was meaning that my camera had the old sensor and here's their reply:

no, because we do not know which sensor you have in your camera.

Fuji Switzerland may not know - but I'd say that Fuji Japan almost certainly know.

Unfortunately it is not possible to find out, also not with the serial number.

That is probably just nonsense.

In 'this day and age' most companies generally keep a lot of traceability/quality data on their production operations (in case of problems, and need for product recall/advisories).

Fujifilm (probably just Fuji Japan) simply don't want to check/provide that information.

The only information we have from Japan is, that since May 2012 the cameras have the new sensor.

That's probably about right - they provided DPReview with a sample X10 fitted with the newly revised sensor, and DPR reported their 'new sensor' findings 26 April .

I'm not sure whether or not this will provide you any reassurance, but the camera's image files contain a different 'internal serial number', within their EXIF data, that has a date embedded within it (although the precise meaning of the date is not known, it is obviously set whilst in the factory).

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