Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

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Re: Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

Whenever you send anything in to any repair facility they never only check for the problem stated but have a protocol to run through to check and send notice to fix others if they are found. For one they want to ensure their repair did not damage the camera in any way and second they are trying to ensure the least amount of visits (and processing) through the facility. Lastly if they can find something they can bill (ex cracked screen user fault but not requested to be repaired) they send out an estimate to you to see if they can get some revenue out of it.

Bottom line is if you send in anything to a repair facility expect it to be returned in default settings. No other way to test the performance of the camera against a standard of performance. If you truly don't like it don't send it in because the repair facility will not send anything out without testing it only to get complaints of microscopic amounts of adhesive on sensor, stickier shutter button, etc. Its part of the guarantee they are sending you back a well functioning camera and they have protocols to ensure it. If you can't get the idea of they can't send you back an untested and passed camera then just don't send things in for warranty service.

This is just like an example with a laptop that you have custom configured to run on a Dolby DTS surround system and the audio board dies, you get it replaced, only to find its set to default laptop speaker setup with your custom Dolby DTS profile gone. Be happy with he new grip and just start shooting to build those preferences again. Who knows, you might find a better way to do something this time. Lesson learned.

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