What does $2000 more get me with the RX1 that I don't get with the EPL5?

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Re: What does $2000 more get me with the RX1 that I don't get with the EPL5?

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No, I'm perfectly happy with the EPL5 as a travel camera. I'm sure I'd be happy with the RX1 for that purpose also. I was just trying to get opinions about what I might be missing for an additional $2K and who exactly SONY is marketing it to. Many of the answers have covered that.

Your initial post came across as slightly dismissive of the RX1, but I'm probably reading it the wrong way. I'm very happy with my GH2 and am not considering the RX1, but I think the RX1 sounds like a fantastic option for those looking for a compact fixed lens camera with uncompromising image quality, and Sony should be applauded for making such niche products. Hopefully it's a commercial success so that Sony (and other manufacturers) are encouraged to make more such products.

Nikon and Canon and Sony make very fine full-frame DSLR's every day of the week. Looking like the new Sony effort underlines their commitment to bringing FF to the compact camera world. First with the RX-1 and soon, the interchangeable mirrorless camera. Canon will be the first to break FF into the sub-$1000 market.

Maybe in a few years, APS-C will become unnecessary and disappear.

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