TC for 70-200 VR

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Re: TC for 70-200 VR

You can't judge sharpness from the reduced images that show up inline with the post. It's best to view the "original" sized photos since sharpening was applied for that size.

The combination of the 70-200mm VR1 and TC-20E III won't compete with say the 200-400mm VR at f/5.6, but I wouldn't say the combo is soft. I often stop it down to f/8 when the light allows. I wish Nikon had an affordable lens with VR and AFS in the 400mm range, but they don't.

There are a few galleries in the mix on PBase considered not safe for work, but I've never personally encountered galleries that would warrant such a classification by your work's Internet filter. But then, I haven't looked around PBase all that much. I might occasionally browse through the list of most popular galleries. It's just a photo sharing site that has served my needs for several years now and at one time was among the most popular photo sharing sites used by members here on DPReview.


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