Fun thread: What Is Your Ideal Kit?

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Re: Fun thread: What Is Your Ideal Kit?

The issue I have with native E mount lens is not their IQ, but their compatibility with future equipment (i.e. FF NEX or other brand body). I don't want to sell everything just because Fuji makes a xpro2 or I decide to buy a Leica M digital body. Also, AF is more of a hindrance to photography if you aren't looking for particularly fast capturing. You have to set the focus point to be really accurate at large apertures, which drags you down even more than the focus ring.

That's why I only use m mount lenseson my NEX7 and C3. They'll be compatible with all mirrorless bodies, take ff sensors, have outstanding build quality, and no electronical parts that will no doubt break within a decade.

So for me the current distagon 18mm and 50mm summilux (27mm+75mm) is a pretty neat combo. I would like something in the 90-135 range just to get things closer, but it won't be a travel lens. An ideal combo would probably be the 18mm distagon, a 28mm elmarit for street shooting, a 50mm noctilux for low light/crazy portraits and a 90mm can dream, right?

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too lazy for DSLRs:-)

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