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Re: Strange logics

Cacophonic Visions wrote:

The Canon 85 f/1.2 might be half a stop quicker than the Sony Zeiss 85 f/1.4ZA, but the Canon would have to be stopped down to approach anything resembling the Sony Zeiss in sharpness at wide open.

This is not correct. The two are essentially equal at maximum aperture.


The Zeiss is slightly worse in the center and slightly better in the corners. Photozone finds the same in their test charts.

I'm pretty sure that 2.5-4.5 stops of IBIS makes up that difference

In this particular example, you would be wrong unless the target was an object. I'm keen on stabilization with lenses over 100mm. Below that, subject-induced motion blur will set in long before you see the advantage of stabilization. Three stops down from 1/85 is around 1/10. My typical cutoff for stationary people is about 1/50, and significantly faster if they're liable to be moving.

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