Give up on D90, Nikon Altogether?

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Re: Give up on D90, Nikon Altogether?

jonikon wrote:

Isoruku wrote:


Reds are ALWAYS washed out. Colors just don't look right even with custom white balance. I've tried to make custom profiles like bumping up the sharpness and saturation 1 tick from STANDARD.

I don't see why nfpotter has to be insulting to you. Honestly, the red shift to orange issue dogged me for years with my D90 and I couldn't find a reliable solution. (And from your photos, your D90 suffers from exactly the same issue. I don't think your reds are "washed out" but rather orange.) I rarely got reds that weren't shifted to orange - a real irritation if you ever want to take a picture that contains the color red.

Manual white balance, auto WB, fluorescent, whatever. Manually shifting the color matrix to reds unfortunately also shifts the entire color spectrum to red, so it's not a solution.

As for focusing, my D90 body almost always front-focussed with my 18-200VRII lens.

There will always be people on these forums who seem to delight in being rude and blaming the user, but the D90 red issue is a real one. (Don't get me started on the buffer.)

Reds have often been an issue with the Sony sensors as the red channel gets over driven and the reds will bloom and smear detail. Pull back to far on the red channel to avoid blooming and you get a shift toward orange. Reds were just awful with my Sony a700 and I had to underexpose to get them decent looking. Now with the 16MP CMOS Sony sensor over exposing will give you a strong orange cast on skin as well, but the red blooming is much better controlled at least. Exposure is critical with these Sony CMOS sensors if you want correct color rendtion. This is one of the reasons I always shoot in RAW mode with my D7000, so I can tweak exposure and the red channel, if necessary to get the colors correct. As an aside, I find my Nikon V1 gives much more accurate and natural looking colors, (especially the reds) in JPEGS, than my D7000 does. Maybe because the sensor in the V1 is made by Apical,l and not Sony.

- Jon

Thanks Jon, I appreciate your input!

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