For how long will the 6D RAW files not be supported by Adobe?

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Re: Haha, show me the money!!!

Kelly M Jones wrote:

I used Lightroom's publish service in the Library module. LR4 allows you to create a publish services where you can specify re-sizing, format, naming, destination folders, sharpening, etc.. My typical work flow is to select the photos I want to publish, right click on my publish service, create a new collection, and then publish my selected photos to the new collection. Once LR4 has finished, you will be left with a folder on your computer that contains your photos which have been resized and modified according to your publish service specifications. I have 5 publish services configured. One where I upsize to 8000 on the long edge, one which downsizes to 3000 on the long edge, one which publishes to flickr, one which publishes to face book, and another for sending to Costco for printing. It's a very handy service.

Thank you.

I was wondering if you had used some other software to resize the image. I did not even know that LR had any resize functionality but I suppose it resizes in a similiar fashion to Photoshop, perhaps using the same core routines.

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