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Re: And in favor of Gs with a built in EVF.........

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Krugman,

I've never used a Hoodman Loupe, but I don't think they are the answer. As you've indicated, they're extra bulk (especially for a small camera that's designed to be light and perhaps pocketable). And they're also extra cost. Then you've got to attach them, and in doing that you may lose the shot you're wanting to take. Then you've got to take it off to re-pocket the camera (and the loupe). I can see that they might have their place for a camera that is set up on a tripod for some time or where the shooting is highly contemplative. (A pro would probably use tethering to a laptop for that purpose.)

I won't buy a camera without a VF of any kind and I won't buy one of those add-on ones. They're another 'thing' in the case, can get left at home, lost, knocked off, etc and half of them block the flash shoe in use. It seems to me that the manufacturers who have championed add-on EVFs use that strategy to make the camera core smaller and cheaper, and then slug the buyer quite a significant proportion of the camera cost for something that should have been built in in the first place. I don't think there's any substitute for a built in VF and an LCD. A good OVF is good, but there aren't many of them. An EVF has its own advantages.

Cheers, Rod

Hi, Rod,

I can't disagree with any of the above, I think you are right. If it's built in, I would prefer a good OVF to an EVF, but that's just my personal preference.

I don't like add-on items, they add bulk, interfere with pocketability, can get knocked off and lost, and are one more item to remember. Despite that I use the 28mm Ricoh GV2 on my G1X because it is really tiny. I have used a cardboard shim to make sure it stays in the flash shoe. Flash, as you point out, is dsabled, but I don't use flash anyway, there is hardly one flash photo among my thousands, it is too harsh for my tastes. However if I had a heavier camera I might consider using a small bounce flash in the flash shoe or handlheld, though it's pretty obtrusive and I try to be low key and unobtrusive.

I think you post though is right on. The hoodman  is a pretty bulky solution though some people like it. I find that if the sun makes the LCD hard to see, I just move the articulating screen to the horizontal position or someother position that shields it from the sun.



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