FZ200 in UK - PAL or NTSC, does it matter?

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Re: FZ200 in UK - PAL or NTSC, does it matter?

ericN2 wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:


.. snip ..

Now, the real question should be... Can you get any warranty repairs, should you need them, on a camera that was made for a different geographic area? We call those grey market cameras here in the Colonies, and some manufacturer's will not honor a warranty on those cameras.

Yes.. and I'm sure that is a factor even you (yourself as owner) should think about. I'm not sure about all makes but I'm sure many/most of the big names would not accept much in the way of Warranty repair or other work if the camera didn't have a UK Warranty. I'm never sure WHY this variant may be so.. but I suppose there are certain bits that perhaps can vary from one region to another..and of course each area Company I'm sure works on its own financial basis.. this regional Warranty thing has applied on most big names I think for a LONG time...it IS a factor, when you do not buy in your own Country.

Thanks Eric, I phoned Panasonic UK about this and they said that if I imported a camera from, say, Hong Kong, they would honour their Limited International Warranty if the appropriate Panny Warranty Forms came with the camera.

But the Hong Kong Dealer I asked about this said that I would only get his warranty, not the Panny warranty forms.

So yes, grey imports still have their problems.

I risked it with my FZ8 and fortunately it never went wrong!


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