Newbie - Opinion of E510

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Re: Newbie - Opinion of E510

CharlesB58 wrote:

  • Features such as the dust reduction (still better than anyone else's) Live View functionality and IBIS (sadly lacking on the E510) along with a comprehensive set of menu options.

WRONG -   the 510 does have IBIS, and it is effective.

Other comments: tends to blow highlights but if you shoot RAW there is lots of room to recover. A good denoise program like Topaz DeNoise works wonders and I've had some excellent results at ISO 1600...  Take a look at my Ghent Gallery on pbase.  I agree about the flash; I have the fl36 which I find more than adequate. I does bounce and has a swivel head so you can bounce it off the ceiling behind or beside you if you wish.

Size weight and image quality sold me on this gem when my prosumer Nikon 5700 broke and I needed something to take on a trip to New Zealand. I've graduated to the e30, but the trusty 510 lives in my wife's hands and is my backup.

Bob B
Olympus e30, e-510, 12~60, 50~200 ED, EC14, 18~180, 14~42, 40~150, 50mm macro, 9~18, fl36

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