Team photos with X-E1 or X-Pro1??

Started Dec 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Team photos with X-E1 or X-Pro1??

lxcellent wrote:

FWIW, I have taken team photos with my GH2 and figure that the X-E1 that I have ordered will take over that job. The beauty of the 4/3rd sensor is the increased DOF for the amount of light over 1.3x or 1x sensors (I also shoot with a 1D mark II). In terms of fill flash, it might be tough given that you are really limited WRT flash adjustment. I think I read somewhere where the max is -2/3 of a stop. Crazy given that I regularly fill with -2 EV.

Thanks for the info - I checked the gear at a dealer here in Sydney yesterday and with the XPro-1 only $300 more than the XE-1 I'm very tempted. One of my queries is whether the Fuji EF 42 flash has enough power to do the job as I shoot all my teams backlit and the midday sun here can be quite harsh.

The other query is obviously the image quality of group shots (plus skin tones) and I was hoping there may have been more responses in that regard.


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