Photo theft, part 2

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In my opinion, Hera Bell falls into the category of narcissist. One dictionary definition is: "concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others."

There is a trend in western society where individuals do not take responsibility for their actions. Certainly true in this case. Consider Bell's feeble response being confronted with her thefts and the fact that she is now making herself into the "victim." She still hasn't apologized for her actions.

Women mostly aren't diagnosed with narcisist personality disorder, but borderline, hsitronic and so on. Drama queen.

i agree, it is extremely unlikely that she has npd, it is highly speculative to diagnos npd in anyone. we are all selfish narcicists to some extent. certain stresses and strains can make it surface chronically, or at certain times.

it is far more likely that she has basic problems associated with the human condition in general.

the canadian lady who has been stalked is almost certainly having hera's self loathing projected onto her, consistent with an underlying inability to cope with the human condition being expressed dysfunctionally.

i dont think what shes done is socially acceptable, and she will certainly be socially excluded as consequence, i wouldnt want her in my life at all. but she's not a witch. just a failed human.

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A well-written reply. We don't know what kind of woman she is, we do not know her. We know only these mistakes what he has done. And it's not much if we think about human life-long journey in time and space.

thanks, i know you allude to this in your post, so i hope you don't mind me saying it implicitly;

the wonderful thing about life's journey for someone as young as Hera, is that she will be presented with countless opportunities to more than make amends for these relatively small misdameanours.

the very best of luck to you.

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