Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

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Re: Anyone have success in Gigabit transfers with Crossover Cable?

joey_B wrote:

Yes, I did assign the addresses manually per this video:

IP setup should work just fine that way, but what I'm missing is the part where you check if the connection works (as admin, windows-R, type cmd and enter, then type ping, or whatever the adress of your destination might be and hit enter. If the connection is active, you should get zero packet loss)

If that works, you would have to be sure the primairy PC has the same accounts set up as the target PC. At least the admin account, same name, same password.

After that, don't bother with shared folders, just open up a windows explorer window (windows-
E) and type in the adress bar \\, and hit enter. If all done right, the system should respond with a login dialog. Log in with the admin account that is the same on both PCś. This should give you full access at root level for that PC. if you would type \\\c$ it would get you directly to the c-drive.

Thanks ever so much. The part that I was missing was to explicitly determine WHICH communication protocol is being used for a specific file transfer. You reminded me that I can type the addresses directly into the window! Thanks

One last point, though -- I have been usung Robocopy in a command line to transfer files -- doing so with options there to maintain the original dates of the file directories. I just found out from my MB manual that I can only get 100MB/s from a DOS Window. Is there a way to keep directory dates when doing a Windows file copy (and get to 1GB/s transfers)?

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